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So this last year has been incredibly difficult, honestly the last several years has been. I never understood how traumatic repressed memories could be as an adult on top of what I already knew. It almost broke me so many times.

Nothing I did worked, being hospitalized and almost dying from my body shutting down and having literally no one there to help me or understand what I was going through. I told the wrong people in my life and they weaponized my pain against me, some still do to this day.

So rather than letting all this keep breaking me down, this last year when I made my RAINN video and campaign I also began writing. I began breaking down and processing my past into a story that not only helped save me but I also hoped would save others if I got to share it. That full story is still far out of my reach, so I sat down with my husband R.H. Norman and wrote a short based off of it. We hope to co-direct this together as we have co-written this incredibly special project together.

R.H. Norman and Micheline Pitt by: Susie Delany

“Inspired by the imagination that she escaped to during her own abusive childhood, Pitt and her filmmaker husband, Norman, share a heartbreaking, yet poetic tale of a young girl, whose stuffed creature, “Grummy,” brings a new world to life during her most vulnerable moments. According to Pitt, “This story is very personal, because I was this little girl. I used my imagination to escape, I used books, movies and toys to get away. If I didn't have my imagination, if didn't have these things, I don't think I would be here today.
This is a story of how monsters saved my life.”


Concept Design by: Kevin Yagher

With the help of Kevin Yagher Productions Inc. ( Nightmare on Elm Street, Child’s Play, Sleepy Hollow) our producer Gary Deocampo along with my amazing crew of friends and industry leaders we hope to make this a reality. Breaking all the costs down to make a full animatronic Grummy and a real environment for them to all live in is out of our scope financially.

Concept Design by Doug Williams

There are some amazing rewards for pledging, Vixen is making an exclusive t-shirt, and we will have two companion books available. You can see all the amazing rewards on our Kickstarter page. 

Grummy Children's Book

A Girl and Her Monster

This is where I need all the support and efforts from you guys, spreading the word, sharing the posts, content and pledging. We only have 30 days to raise enough money to make this Grummy happen with Kickstarter. We have raised 45% of our goal and have only 18 days to raise the other 55%, see more details now at:

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