Embrace vintage elegance with this white mesh tulle veil, adding a touch of timeless grace to your special day.
This white mesh tulle veil is ideal for retro-inspired brides seeking a delicate, ethereal finishing touch to their wedding attire.
Complete your bridal outfit with this white mesh tulle veil, capturing the romance of vintage Hollywood glamour.
Add a layer of sophistication to your wedding ensemble with this white mesh tulle veil, perfect for a retro-inspired look.

Tulle Veil in White Mesh

Experience the luxury of a bridal veil with our Tulle Veil in White Mesh. Featuring a double-layered design and an easy slide comb, this veil adds an elegant touch to any wedding attire. Make your special day even more memorable with this sophisticated accessory.

Made in China.

Photos by: Susie Q

Model: Micheline