This aqua wiggle dress, complemented by its bespoke matching bolero, is a tribute to the timeless beauty of retro clothing, making any woman feel like a classic Hollywood icon.
Clad in the Golden Era Wiggle Dress and its coordinating bolero, she radiates the allure of the 1950s, her silhouette a celebration of vintage clothing at its most divine.
The aqua hue of the Golden Era Wiggle Dress, paired with its elegant bolero, brings to life the vibrant colors of past decades, making it a masterpiece of retro dresses that captures the essence of yesteryears' fashion.
As she showcases the Golden Era Wiggle Dress with its matching bolero, it's clear that this ensemble is more than just clothing; it's a wearable piece of history, embodying the sophistication and flair of vintage dresses.
Every detail of the Golden Era Wiggle Dress, from its figure-hugging silhouette to the exquisite matching bolero, speaks volumes of a love affair with the refined aesthetics of retro clothing.
The matching bolero adds a layer of mystique and versatility to the Golden Era Wiggle Dress, making it the ultimate ensemble for admirers of vintage clothing who cherish elegance in every season.
Stepping out in the Golden Era Wiggle Dress and bolero, she commands attention, her attire a flawless representation of how retro dresses can transcend time and trends.
The Golden Era Wiggle Dress in Aqua, complete with its matching bolero, is a testament to the enduring charm of vintage dresses, offering a glimpse into a world where fashion was synonymous with artistry.
Wearing the Golden Era Wiggle Dress with its matching bolero, she's not just dressed in vintage clothing; she's an emblem of a bygone era's glamour, celebrating the timeless appeal of retro dresses.
This ensemble, featuring the aqua wiggle dress and its elegant bolero, serves as a bridge between past and present, illustrating how vintage dresses can inspire contemporary fashion with a touch of retro grace.
The matching bolero perfectly complements the Golden Era Wiggle Dress, embodying the spirit of vintage clothing with a modern twist, ensuring she stands out as a beacon of retro and vintage fashion excellence.

Golden Era Wiggle Dress in Aqua With Matching Bolero - Vixen by Micheline Pitt

Retro Era Dresses

Get ready to slay in our Golden Era Wiggle Dress in Aqua. Serving up old Hollywood vibes, this dress is designed to make you feel like a modern-day vixen. With an adjustable neckline and soft stretch fabric, you'll be turning heads and taking names. Whether you rock the bolero or go solo, this dress is a must-have for any vintage-inspired wardrobe. The back zip and adjustable straps complete the look. Go ahead, darling, it's time to unleash your inner vixen!

Designed by Micheline Pitt and made in Los Angeles, CA.

Fabric Content: 

Shell: 96% Polyster, 4% Spandex

Lining: 70% Rayon, 26% Nylon, 4% Spandex

Photos by: Susie Q

Model Info: Micheline Pitt is 5'9" wearing a small, Aura is 5'4 wearing a 2x.

Fit advice: If you're between sizes order down. If you have additional fit questions, please email customer service at

XS: 32 - 34.5 24 - 25.5 34.5 - 36
S: 35 - 37.5 26 - 27.5 36.5 - 38
M: 37 - 39.5 28 - 29.5 38.5 - 40
L: 39 - 40.5 30 - 31.5 40.5 - 42
XL: 42 - 44.5 33 - 34.5 43.5 - 45
2X: 45 - 47.5 36 - 37.5 46.5 - 49
3X: 49 - 51.5 40 - 41.5 50.5 - 53
4X: 53 - 55.5 44 - 45.5 54.5 - 57