Transporting you back in time, the enchanting female model effortlessly displays the retro charm of the Vixen Skater Skirt in Cow Print, a must-have piece from the iconic brand, Vixen Clothing.
Stepping into the spotlight, the lovely female model embraces the essence of retro fashion as she flaunts the eye-catching Vixen Skater Skirt in Cow Print, a standout creation from Vixen Clothing's nostalgic collection.
With an irresistible nod to the past, the female model captivates onlookers with her stunning pose, showcasing the Vixen Skater Skirt in Cow Print—an exquisite piece hailing from the retro-inspired world of Vixen Clothing.
Radiating retro elegance, the lovely female model holds her pose with grace, accentuating the timeless appeal of the Vixen Skater Skirt in Cow Print, a coveted gem from the fashion-forward brand, Vixen Clothing.
Stepping into the spotlight of vintage glamour, the female model mesmerizes as she showcases the Vixen Skater Skirt in Cow Print, an emblematic piece from the retro-inspired brand, Vixen Clothing.
Embodied by the lovely female model, the Vixen Skater Skirt in Cow Print captures the essence of retro allure, allowing you to indulge in the nostalgic charm of Vixen Clothing's extraordinary creations.
With a touch of retro magic, the female model strikes a pose, exuding confidence while highlighting the mesmerizing Vixen Skater Skirt in Cow Print—a true testament to Vixen Clothing's commitment to timeless style.
Time stands still as the lovely female model showcases the captivating Vixen Skater Skirt in Cow Print, a sartorial masterpiece that channels the retro spirit of Vixen Clothing's renowned fashion empire.
Channeling the essence of bygone eras, the female model effortlessly embodies the vintage flair of Vixen Clothing as she displays the Vixen Skater Skirt in Cow Print, a true treasure from the retro-inspired brand.
Mesmerizing onlookers with her captivating pose, the lovely female model brings the Vixen Skater Skirt in Cow Print to life—a remarkable testament to Vixen Clothing's dedication to timeless retro fashion.

Vixen Skater Skirt in Cow Print - Vixen by Micheline Pitt

Retro Clothing

Get your favorite Vixen swing skirt in a new shorter style. This fun and flirty swing silhouette starts at 20 inches from waist to hem and is patterned in bold black and white cow-printed heavy-duty twill. (Same as our cigarette pants!) Perfect to pair with our Vamp top or Rebel jacket in the same print. Finished with hidden side pockets and a back zip. 

Designed by Micheline Pitt and made in Los Angeles.

Photos by: Susie Q

Model Info: Alyssa Marie is 5'6 and wears a size 3XL. Gaby is 5'5 and wears a size small.

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Fit Advice: True to size, but has stretch. In-between sizes size down.

XS: 24 - 25 20
S: 26 - 27 20
M: 28 - 29 20.5
L: 30 - 31 20.5
XL: 33 - 34 21
2X: 36 - 37 21
3X: 40 - 41 21.5
4X: 44 - 45 22