Welcome to our online backlot sale!

The items you are purchasing are FINAL SALE, no returns or exchanges are allowed. YOU MAY NOT USE ANY CODES OR REWARDS POINTS ON THIS COLLECTION. Your order will be subject to cancelation if abused. 

These items are heavily discounted due to being samples, damaged, or non-damaged final sale. Items considered samples or damages can include, but are not limited to fabric misprint, fabric discoloration, incorrect fabric material, missing size labels, missing belts, snags, stains, wrong thread color, scratches (i.e. sunglasses), zipper issues, pre-production/prototypes, small holes or tears/rips.


Mystery Boxes include items that are non-damaged. Items in Mystery Boxes are FINAL SALE and cannot be exchanged or returned. You may not use any codes or rewards points on mystery box purchases.

No bulk purchases are allowed for Mystery Boxes. Orders will be subject to cancelation if abused.

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